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General detection of light emitting diode
General detection of light emitting diode

(1) testing with a multimeter. Use of pointer multimeter with x10k Omega block can judgments light emitting diode is good or bad. When normal diode forward resistance between dozens of 200k, reverse resistance value is ∝. If the resistance value is 0 or ∞ to reverse resistance is small or 0 are easily damaged. This method of detection, could hardly see the led light of the situation, because x10k Omega block cannot provide large LED forward current.

If there are two pieces of pointer multimeter (preferably the same model) can be used to check the glow of light emitting diodes. A multimeter with a wire "+" Terminal and another table of the "-" terminal connection. The rest of the "-" tubes which have been positive (p), and the remaining "+" tubes which have been negative (n). Multimeters are two block reset x10k Omega block. Under normal circumstances, connected to normal after glow. If the brightness is very low, not even light, can allocate two multimeters to x1m ω if, if still very dark, even no light, then the light emitting diode is bad or damaged. It should be noted that cannot be measured will place two multimeters x1m ω, so as to avoid excessive current, damaged light-emitting diodes.

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