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LED unidirectional generalities
LED unidirectional generalities

LED in one direction only pass (powered on), called the forward bias (positive bias), when the current flowing through, and issued monochromatic electrons and holes in the compound, which is called electroluminescence effect, and the wavelength of light, color, with its use of semiconductor materials associated with the addition of impurity elements. High efficiency, long life, resistant to breakage, high switching speed, high reliability traditional light sources, such as the blue advantage. White LED luminous efficiency, has significantly improved in recent years, while per thousand lumen on the purchase price, but also because market makers competing effects, drop dramatically. Although more and more people are using LED lighting for Office, furniture, decorations, signs and even streetlights, but technically, LED solar energy conversion efficiency (effective illumination on electricity consumption ratio) is still below the new fluorescent lamp, is where countries develop civil.


Compared with incandescent and neon lights, light emitting diode characteristics are: low voltage (some only a little over v); current is very small (only a fraction of a MA to shine), good impact resistance and seismic performance, high reliability, long life through modulation of current intensity can be easily modulated luminous intensity. Because of these characteristics, light emitting diode in the photoelectric control equipment as a light source, used in many electronic devices signal display. Heart-shaped tubes, used 7 strips of led 7-segment semiconductors digital tube, each shows a NIXIE tube of 0~9,10 Arabic numerals as well as some letters such as A,B,C,D,E,F (must be case-sensitive).

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