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Light emitting diode
Light emitting diode

Light emitting diode LED for short. With Gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (p) and nitrogen (n) compounds, such as steel.

When the electrons and holes can emit visible light when the composite, which can be used to make light-emitting diodes. In the circuit and apparatus as light, or form characters or figures. Gallium arsenide diode glows, gallium phosphide diodes glow green, yellow light silicon carbide diode, diode of gallium nitride blue light. Property can be divided into inorganic and organic light emitting diode OLED light emitting diode LED.

Principle of edit

It's a kind of semiconductor diode, can turn electricity into light energy. Light emitting diodes with common two-pole

Tube consists of a PN junction, with one-way electric conductivity. When the light emitting diode with forward voltage, injected from p to n holes and n into p-electronic, in the vicinity of PN junction within a few microns respectively with n electrons and p-holes combined, resulting in spontaneous emission of fluorescence. Different semiconductor materials, electrons and holes in the different energy States. When electron and hole composite, how many different releases of energy, release more energy, the shorter the wavelength of the light emitted. Commonly used are red, green or yellow light diode. Light emitting diode's reverse Breakdown voltage is greater than 5 kV. It is to the v-I characteristic curve is very steep, it must be used with series resistor to control the current through the diode.

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