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Light emitting diode
Light emitting diode


LED five large raw materials refers to: chip, frame, silver, gold, and epoxy resin


Chip: the gold pads, p, n, PN junction, gold layer (pad wafer without back-gold double layer). Chip is made of p-type semiconductor elements, n-tier electronic semiconductor elements move and rearrange into PN combination. It is this change that chip can also be in a relatively stable state. Chip is a certain amount of voltage to the positive electrode, the positive p-holes will be a steady stream of tour in the n, n-electron is moving relative to void to the p. Electrons, holes move at the same time, electron-hole pairs to each other, excited photons, light energy. Classification of surface light: most of the light emitted from the surface. Five surface emitting type: surface, side has a lot of light on the glow color, red, Orange, yellow, yellow-green, pure green, standard green, blue-green, and blue.


Scaffold structure 1 layer of iron, 2-layer copper plating (conductivity, heat dissipation), 3 nickel plated (oxidation), 4 Silver (reflective of good, easy to wire)

Silver Sol (more types, we in H20E, for example)

Also known as the white plastic, ivory and conduction adhesive (baking temperature: 100 ° C/1.5H), Silver (electricity, heat, fixed the wafer) + epoxy resins (curing powder) + diluent (easy mix). Storage conditions: Silver-silver-the manufacturer of storage-40 ° c, general store with-5 ° c silver. Single dose is 25 ° C/1 year (dry, ventilated place), the mixture 25 ° c for 72 hours (but due to other factors for online job "conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation", in order to ensure the quality of the product mixture used in general time is 4 hours)

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