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Light emitting diodes
Light emitting diodes

1. LED displays

Since in the mid 1980 of the 20th century, on has monochrome and more color display came out, initially is text screen or moving craftsmanship. 90 early, computer technology and IC technology of development, makes LED display of video technology to achieved, TV image directly Shang screen, especially 90 generation medium-term, blue and green Super High Brightness LED development success and quickly production, makes outdoor screen of application greatly extended, area in 100-300m ranging. currently LED display in Stadium Museum, and square, and Venue even Street, and Mall are has widely application, United States times square Shang of NASDAQ full color most is famous for its, the screen area for 120 feet x90 feet, equivalent to 1005m, by 19 million only super highlighted blue, and green, and red LED made. also, in securities market screen, and bank exchange rate screen, and interest rate screen, aspects application also accounted for larger proportion, recently in highway, and high frame road of information screen aspects also has larger of development. glow diode in this a field of application has into scale, formed industries, And they can look forward to more stable growth [1].

2. traffic lights

Pharos used LED for light has has years, currently of work is improved and perfect. road traffic lights in recent years made has great of progress, technology development more fast, application development rapid, China currently annual has 40,000 sets around of orders, and United States California in last year one years within on with LED traffic lights replaced has 50,000 sets traditional light of lights, according to using effect see, life long, and province electric and from maintenance effect is obviously of. currently used LED of glow peak wavelength is red 630Nm, Yellow 590nm, green 505nm. it should be noted that the problem is driving current should not be too large, or the summer high temperature in the Sun will affect the life span of LED [1].

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