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Ordinary color light emitting diode
Ordinary color light emitting diode

Ordinary color light emitting diode with small size, low voltage, current stable, uniform light, fast response, long life and other advantages available variety of DC, AC and pulse power lit. It belongs to the current-controlled semiconductor device using threaded when a suitable resistor.

Ordinary color and monochromatic light emitting diodes light wavelength, the wavelength of the light depends on the system

Light emitting diode uses semiconductor materials. Red light emitting diodes are generally 650~700nm, amber LEDs the wavelength to 630~650 nm, Orange led wavelengths around 610~630 NM, yellow light emitting diode wavelength around 585 NM, green LEDs the wavelength to 555~570 nm. Commonly used domestic ordinary monochrome LEDs are BT (factory standard model) series, FG (standard model) series and 2EF series, as shown in table 4-26, table and table 4-28.

Common import common monochromatic LEDs and SLR series SLC series.

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