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Performance requirements
Performance requirements

1. High-reliability special LED lamp driver, mounted high in the air, maintenance inconvenient maintenance costs.

2. High efficiency LED are energy-saving products, to drive power efficiency is high. Power supply installed in the lamp structure is very important. Because the LED luminous efficiency as LED the decline with a rise of temperature, so LED's heat is very important. High power efficiency, depletion of its power and less heat in the lamps, it reduces the temperature of lamp. Good for delay LED light failure.

3. High power factor power factor grid on load requirements. 70 watts of electricity, there is no mandatory targets. Although the power factors of electric power is not a single low point had little effect on the grid, but at night all lights, similar load is too concentrated, more serious pollution will be produced on the grid. LED drive power of 30 watts ~40 watts, is said to be in the near future, may have certain requirements on power factor.

4. Drive traffic, there are two: one is a constant-voltage source for multiple constant current source, each constant-current source to power each LED individually. In this way, the combination of flexible, failure LED all the way, without affecting the other LED's work, but the cost will be slightly higher. Another is direct and constant current power supply, LED in series or in parallel. It has the advantages of low cost and flexibility, but also to solve a LED fault, does not affect other issues LED. Both forms coexist for some time. Multi-channel constant current output power supply, in terms of cost and performance will be better. May be the future of mainstream direction.

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