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Plant factory LED lights for long green fairy
Plant factory: LED lights for long "green fairy"

Typhoon "hippocampus" brush with Foshan, but before the onset of the typhoon, local farmers are still highly charged, ready, for fear that growing your own vegetables is a typhoon swept clean. More than more than 30 kilometers from the center of Foshan City Shunde leliu Phu industrial zone a "plant factory", the head of Ji Keung Wong was very calm, didn't worry about the "hippocampus" to yourself any adverse impact on the kinds of dishes. Because his food is not long in the field, and in an area of over 20,000 square meters of red soil-less plant, not afraid of wind, not afraid of flooding.

What's unexpected is, investors in plant factory, is operating in the local traditional hardware manufacturing business. Optimistic about the development of modern agriculture, bought 4 years ago Taiwan companies engaged in hydroponic cultivation, boldly opened from industry to agriculture of cross-border restructuring.

Wear protective clothing and disinfection with alcohol, then 30 seconds the air shower wash, everyone entering the plant factory is the first after sterilization, disinfection, and prevent the "green fairy" pollution. 400 square meters of plant factory workshop, greeted the more than more than 20 shelves, shelves of five layers, each layer placed dozens of pieces of foam board, a hydroponic vegetables whole to insert in order to grow in it.

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