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As the industry continues to develop, technology leap breakthrough, promotion, LED luminous efficiency are increasing, prices falling. Emergence of new modular core, and a single LED tube (module) power continues to increase. Through continued research and development efforts, the new breakthrough in optical design, the development of new lamps, single product also is expected to be further reversed. Improvement of control software, also makes LED lighting to use more convenient. These progressive changes, reflecting good prospects for LED light-emitting diodes in lighting applications.

LED was referred to as the fourth generation light source, with energy-saving, environmental protection, safety, long life, low power consumption, low heat, high brightness, waterproof, micro, shock-proof, easy dimmer, a concentrated beam, and easy maintenance features, can be widely used in various directions, display, general lighting, decoration, backlight, and other fields.

LED advantages: electro-optical conversion efficiency is high (close to 60%, green environmental protection, long service life (up to 100,000 hours), low operating voltage (3V), repeatedly switching non-destructive life, small size, low heat, high brightness, durability, easy to adjust, color diversity, a concentrated beam of light stability, start without delay;

LED disadvantage: higher initial cost, color difference, high power efficiency low, constant-current LED driver (requires special driving circuit). In contrast, traditional lighting has some flaws.

Incandescent lamp: electro-optical conversion efficiency is low (around 10%), short life span (1000 hours), fever, high temperature, single color and low color temperature

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