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Voltage-controlled light-emitting diodes
Voltage-controlled light-emitting diodes

Normal light-emitting diodes are current-controlled devices, using the threaded properly when resistance of the resistor. Voltage-controlled light-emitting diodes (BTV) is a light emitting diode and resistor integrated production as a whole, when in use can be directly connected at both ends of the power supply. Ordinary red light emitting diode

Can work on 3 volts of voltage-10 kV YX503URC,YX304URC,YX503BRC voltage LED light emitting diode, offer greater choice for project developers.

Infrared emitting diode

Infrared light emitting diode, also known as infrared emitting diode, it is possible to convert energy directly outside the reason (not visible) and radiated light-emitting devices, mainly used in all kinds of light and in the remote control transmitter.

Infrared emitting diode structure, principles and ordinary light-emitting diodes are similar, but use different semiconductor materials. Infrared light-emitting diodes are often used gallium arsenide (GaAs) and aluminum gallium arsenide (GaAlAs) materials such as transparent or light blue, black resin encapsulation.

Infrared light-emitting diodes are commonly used SIR series, SIM series, PLT, GL Series, HIR series and HG series.

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