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LED Flood Light

LED[1] floodlight is a uniform point source of exposure in all directions, its exposure range can be adjusted

Product features

Little current, LED flood light temperature rise is not obvious. If the ambient temperature is higher, LED floodlight main wavelength will be red-shifted, brightness falls, poor light uniformity and consistency. Dot matrix, large display temperature LED flood light of the reliability, stability, more significant. Thermal design is critical.

Floodlights from a particular point to illuminate objects evenly in all directions, light bulbs and candles are best, but used it to analogy. Flood lights can be placed anywhere in a scene. For example, beyond the limits of the camera can be placed, or objects inside. Long distance using a number of different colors in the scene of the flood is very common. The floodlight can project the dark and mixed models. Due to flood exposure than a bigger, so flood light irradiation effect is very easy to predict, and the lighting there are many secondary uses, for example, flood lights placed in a position close to the surface, you would have a bright light on the surface.

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