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Light Adjusting Method

Depending on the length of different vegetables to light intensity and illumination for scientific management. Vegetables, melons, eggplants, beans and root vegetables; vegetables are leafy, weak light bulb type; light mustard vegetables, mushroom, etc. Cultivation in addition to arrange Studio, an indoor crop layout, appropriate adjustment method should also be taken.

Methods of increasing light intensity artificial supplementary light is available. In the winter or rainy days, with fluorescent lighting, 100 watts per square meter, fluorescent lamps, 30-40 cm tall from seedlings, lighting shall be according to the type of vegetables per day and depending on weather conditions. Conditional water supplementary light silver fluorescent lamps better. Second, available light to improve lighting conditions. If the greenhouse walls painted white, columns in a greenhouse near the hanging reflective polyester film, can increase light intensity in the greenhouse.

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