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Plant Grow Light Lights Illuminate The Process Of Modern Agriculture

Modern agricultural is physical technology and agricultural production of organic combined, is using has biological effect of electric, and sound, and light, and magnetic, and hot, and nuclear, physical factor control flora and fauna of life environment and growth development, prompted traditional agricultural gradually out on chemical pesticide, and chemical fertilizers, and antibiotics, chemicals of rely on and natural environment of bound, eventually gets quality, and high yield, and nontoxic agricultural of environment regulation type agricultural.

"Light, temperature, water, fertilizer and air" are the main environmental factors required for plant growth, the "light" of these factors first. "Modern agriculture plant factory is one of the main features of intelligent control of artificial light sources and light environment" has become a general consensus in the industry. In recent years, with increasing atmospheric pollution, declining atmospheric transparency coefficient, resulting in decreasing of solar radiation reaching the surface. Fewer and fewer plants to receive access to the sun light, it is difficult to meet the needs of normal growth and development. In addition, global warming causes more extreme weather, plants suffer continuous rain increased frequency of sunless weather, plants, solar energy is becoming increasingly unreliable. In the South-eastern coastal areas, the ground receives light decreasing trend of more dramatic than the downward trend in the country as a whole. Using suitable artificial lighting is key to the development and application of plant factory. Therefore, the artificial light source products based on plant growth and reasonable demands and its intelligent optical control technology research and development and application of plant factory and its cultivation method of innovation is the core content and plant factory hallmark.

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