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Plant Grow Lights

Grow lights is a special kind of lighting, in accordance with the law of plant growth must need sunlight and grow lights is the principle of using sunlight, light replace Sun a lamp for plant growth environment.

After application test, plant lamp of wavelength very for plant of growth, flowering, results. General indoor plant flower, will with time and grew increasingly poor, main reasons is missing light of irradiation, through for plant by needed spectrum of LED lamp irradiation, not only can promote its growth, and also can extended flowering, improve spent of quality; and put this efficient light system application to big shed, and greenhouse, facilities, agricultural production Shang, while can solution sunshine insufficient led to tomato, and Disadvantages of greenhouse vegetables such as cucumber taste declined, on the other hand can also make the solanaceous vegetables in greenhouse in winter to early spring festival before and after, so as to achieve the aim of-season cultivation.

1, as a supplementary light, at any time of the day can enhance the lighting, you can extend the effective lighting time.

2, in the evening or at night, can effectively extend and scientifically control plants need light.

3, in the greenhouse, or plant laboratory, can substitute for natural light, to promote plant growth.

4, thoroughly the situation of seedling stage to see the day to eat, solely on the basis of seedling plants delivery to arrange your time.

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