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Significance Of Interior Lighting In Greenhouse

We need to know is the growth rate of the plant depends on the light intensity, which plants absorb the radiant energy of light on the surface, not depending on the number of light sources. A lot of people ask, greenhouse interior lighting is what and how to do it, the choice of light sources?

Greenhouses extend the meaning of interior lighting is enough light intensity within a day. Mainly used in late autumn and winter planting vegetables, roses or Chrysanthemum seedlings. Greenhouse lighting has a huge impact on the growth and seedling quality. Usually that tomatoes will grow after the two cotyledons in plant seedlings begin to light, continuous light seedling period of 12 days 6-8 days can be reduced. But more than 24 hours of light is a plant growth disorders. Most appropriate illumination time is 8 hours per day.

In cloudy days and light intensity low, artificial lighting is a must. Crops in the evening at least 8 hours a day of light, and time of day light is fixed. But the lack of night-time rest periods will result in reduced plant growth disturbances.

Tomatoes, are the most effective light from dusk to midnight, 16:00-24:00 or from midnight to morning 24:00-8:00. Light 8-hour rest for 8 hours. In practice, we should provide illumination of the whole during the growing season, from seedlings to the planting date. In the last period, we should reduce the light to 6 hours a day or stop to 2-3 days, due to poor lighting conditions, planting date takes a long, light usually lasts for a month.

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