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Temperature Adjustment Method

1, selection methods for improving greenhouse insulation is low temperature-resistant, anti-aging thermal greenhouse film, practice shows that dropping film than the drip-free film good thermal insulation, infrared barrier film, multifunctional film than polyethylene greenhouse film with good insulation. Second, multilayer covering. Hanging two layers in the greenhouse scene, inside the buckle Shack, cover straw increase greenhouse temperature.

2, a way to raise the soil temperature is in the shed Interior scaffolding, or from the ground 20 cm up to bed. Secondly, using BREW hotbeds or electric hot crop breeding. Third, cold ditch digging outside the greenhouse. Four is the tent indoors with mulch cover.

3, reduce the greenhouse temperature method it is ventilation. Peng when indoor temperature reaches 30 degrees in the summer, take the ventilation and cooling. Second is to override the shading mesh, non-woven cloth to cool. Three are water cooled.

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