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The Choice Of Light Sources

When using artificial light, we have to choose the closest to satisfying natural light conditions for photosynthesis in plants. Light source should have the following characteristics:

1. efficient to convert electrical energy into radiant energy

2. in photosynthesis within the effective range of high intensity, especially low infra-red radiation (heat radiation)

3. the bulb's emission spectrum is consistent with the physiological demands of the plants, especially effective in photosynthesis spectral region.

More intensity in photosynthesis area, the level of radiation in artificial light, the energy effects of sodium is twice times the mercury lamps high. Sodium is the greenhouse affect plant photosynthesis, correct growth of the most efficient light source. Tubular sodium lamp can reach the 150lm/w radiation of high photosynthetic efficiency, is the most advantageous option for various crop growth. Increase the sodium vapor pressure in the ceramic arc tube can expand blue and Red spectrum, which is the pursuit of high-range wavelength.

In horticultural products and application of high pressure sodium lamp, we recommend PLANTASTAR (OSRAM), SON-T AGRO (PHILIPS), LUCALOX XO (GE). Their difference is higher 0-40% Blu-ray range, activates the chlorophyll plants. In order to get the highest radioactivity, all the sodium in the shade on the side-mounted reflector. And currently the most popular plants on the spot as a street lamp with sodium lamps use, exports, caused many losses to customers.

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