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Theory Of Plant Grow Lights

Light environment is essential to plant growth an important physical factor, light control, control of plant morphogenesis is an important technology in the field of protected cultivation.

Influence of spectral ranges on Plant Physiology:

280nm to 315nm little effect on morphological and physiological processes

315 nm~ 420nm chlorophyll absorbs less effect of photoperiod effect prevents stem elongation

420 nm~ 500nm (blue) ratio of chlorophyll to carotenoid absorption maximum, greatest effect on photosynthesis

500 nm~ 620nm pigment absorption rates are not high

620nm ~ 750nm (red) chlorophyll absorption rate "high" that had significant effects on photosynthesis and light cycle effects

750nm ~ 1000nm low absorption rate and stimulates cellular extension, affect the flowering and seed germination

>1000nm converted into heat

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